#365daysofpolitics day 20: failing

“A little bit each day”, I thought to myself, “that’ll be easy.”

Well it turns out I have a job, I’m a dad, I have hobbies and friends. Not to mention a house and car to take reasonable care of. Sometimes, even just sitting at the laptop for a few minutes to do some clicktivism isn’t particularly thrilling, especially after a day chasing a two-year old around a farm.

Which is all my way of saying, life got in the way of #365daysofpolitics over the last few days.

That doesn’t mean I’ve been completely devoid of political action. In the last few days I’ve;

  • Kept abreast of the main political goings on (as I do every morning as soon as I wake up),
  • Made some contributions to debate on the OpenPolitics Manifesto,
  • Read and shared (within Something New) some interesting articles that talk about the new kind of politics that we’re trying to create,
  • Taken part in some discussion with Something New generally about how we’re building that movement,
  • I’ve also put all upcoming local council meetings into my calendar and I plan to attend as many as possible – I figure that I should be more aware of what my local council is up to and the work councillors do, so what better way to watch them,
  • And since the #UnlockMagnaCarta event on Friday, I’ve been having flashes of ideas that I’ve been jotting down, which at some point will turn into proposals for the Manifesto.

#365daysofpolitics day 16: Unlocking Magna Carta

Yesterday I drove to Nottingham University to take part in a discussion about politics in the digital age.

While the name might be a bit suspect, the event was interesting. We heard from three speakers about their thoughts on democracy, and how the internet and digital tools effect it. I tweeted some of the more interesting tidbits, which I’ve collated in this Storify:


As part of the event we came up with some proposals for a new ‘charter’ and I was glad to contribute an idea from the Manifesto of access to the internet as a right, rather than a privilege.

#365daysofpolitics day 12: OMG PEOPLE

Today was the first time I actually met my fellow party officers.

It sounds – and feels – weird that only today, after a general election, I met with the guys that stood for parliament under the manifesto that I helped to build with them.

Paul and James were exactly as I’d envisaged and more. We joked and had serious discussions about the future of Something New.

It was also a delight to meet Anna from Populace and talk about how we might build a new political movement together.

Today was a good day for progressive politics :)

#365daysofpolitics day 11: the missing day

You may have noticed day 10 went missing. My excuse is a camping trip with friends, although we did chat a bit about politics so it wasn’t a completely politics-free day.

That brings me nicely on to something I’ve been thinking about. I feel guilty if I don’t have much to show for a day. But maybe that’s okay, and maybe a little bit each day is what I should be aiming for rather than big strides.

On to today… Some debate on the Manifesto, followed by some tech work for Something New while watching a terrible film.